Lighten your loads with GÜRALP

With GÜRALP's almost 30 years of knowledge and experience building cranes, and boasting over 10,000 hoists installed worldwide, we have the expertise and backing to find the best overhead crane solution to suit your needs.

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Single Girder

1t - 20t

Double Girder

5t - 80t


0.25t - 5t


Guralp Vinc

GÜRALP VINÇ was founded in 1991 in Izmir, Turkey, and over the three decades since inception they have continued to develop and refine a comprehensive range of cranes and hoists that are now exported to more than 60 countries around the globe. 

At the forefront of GÜRALP's growth and success is their commitment to quality and innovation. It starts at their front door where every delivery is carefully checked to make sure it meets their strict quality standards, and it continues right throughout the design and build process to ensure they offer the most reliable hoists that are technologically advanced, but not over complicated.

GÜRALP back this up with ISO 9001:2015 certification and they have a Zero-defect Policy. 

GÜRALP places a great importance on building relationships, with their staff and suppliers as well as with their partners and end users, so when you purchase a GÜRALP crane or hoist its more than just a transaction.

CRANE & CONTROL SERVICES LTD are delighted to be a  partner of GÜRALP VINÇ and to be able to bring GÜRALP cranes and hoists to New Zealand for you.




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