Gravity Ant

Electrical Smart Lifting Device

Step into a new world of efficiency and safety in lifting operations

With The Gravity Ant Electric Intelligent Lifting Device, which is more than a manipulator, you can:

  • Increase Work Safety
  • Decrease Operation Times
  • Reduce Operator Errors
  • Evolve from Standard Control Methods

General Features of the Electrical Smart Lifting Device

  • Works with 230 or 115 V AC mono-phase supply voltage.
  • Working class of FEM 4m / ISO M7 / HMI H5.
  • Suitable for IP 54 class protection and operation temperature between -10º / 50º C.
  • Designed according to safety standards.
  • The efficiency of the system is up to 90% with the servo motor.
  • Provides continuous speed control, instead of the gradual speed which is seen in standard control systems.
  • No wobbles due to the compression of the air which is seen in pneumatic systems.
  • Compared to other lifting machines, the lifting speeds are several times higher.
  • With the "Float Mode" feature, which leaves the product weightless in the air, it ensures that operations such as transportation/assembly are carried out easily and safely, by simply touching the product without using any control button.
  • Thanks to its compact design, it has the possibility of fast installation and start-up procedure.

Work Safety Advantages

  • Immediate Stop in Emergency by STO Feature
  • Operator's Hand Control with Hand Presence Sensor
  • Improved Wire Rope Slack Control
  • Adjustable Virtual Low Speed and Lifting Range Zones
  • Automatic Speed Decrease According to Different Weights
  • Operator Fall Detection in Float Mode
  • Automatic Wire Rope Life and Load Cell Calibration Self Check

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