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We understand how critical it for a business' assets to operating reliably and that's why we focus so much of our time and attention on maintenance. Your customers rely on you and you can rely on us.

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Maintenance Services

Crane Maintenance

Crane Maintenance

Overhead gantry crane servicing is our bread and butter, we put a lot of time and effort into being the best at it.
Over the years we've been lucky enough to work on a vast array of different crane makes, models and configurations. We've worked the length and breadth of New Zealand and up into Fiji and Samoa.
Conducting routine services, organising repairs, answering breakdown callouts and retrofitting cranes and hoists is all in a day's work for us, so we're confident we have the skills, electrical and mechanical, to look after your cranes too. We currently service 100+ hoists around Auckland and New Zealand

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance is one of the pillars of our business, every weekend you'll find us with our heads buried in some form of machinery or another, ensuring it'll perform optimally over the upcoming weeks. We look after bandsaws, rolling machines, drills, presses and slitters to name just a few, and have repaired and upgraded pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems along the way.
We've proven again and again that for regular maintenance, repairs and upgrade work, you can rely on us to get the dirty jobs done.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is another pillar of our business, we regularly perform prescribed electrical work and electrical maintenance on a number of sites across Auckland. All our staff are qualified electricians or in training to be, and come with an assortment of complementary skills. One recent project we worked on was over summer 2018/19 where we worked closely with Total Bridge Services (now SRG Global) to ensure the smooth replacement of 118 street lights and poles on the Harbour Bridge, a project that was a resounding success. This required lots of planning, long hours and wiring poles while everyone else was on holiday, but was a great project to be a part of.

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