Remote Controls

For Any Application

We stock and work with large range remote controls to suit almost any application. Whether you need a remote for a chain hoist, an overhead crane, a fleet of concrete trucks, a tower crane or other industrial equipment, we can deliver a wireless system to suit your requirements. And if we don't stock it we can get it.

Remote controls are one of the easiest ways to quickly and efficiently improve the safety of a crane operator by allowing them to operate the crane away from the suspended load. Most new cranes come with remotes as standard, and remote systems can easily be retro-fitted to existing cranes too, ask us how. 


REMdevice T Series

The REMdevice T Series is one of the most robust remote control platforms on the market. Outside, the tough nylon shell and heavy duty rubber buttons makes these remotes IP65 and resistant to acids, oils and chemical agents; Inside, the patented REMsys® Code minimizes possible interference from other transmitting devices and enables system programming and pairing from the transmitter.

REMdevice Brick & Pail

The Brick & Pail Series is another feature packed offering from the clever folk at REMdevice. The Brick can be set up with up to 12 push buttons and has options such as a digital display for load indication via a data feedback module. 
The Pail comes standard with stepped joysticks offering up to 5 speed on each axis, but can also be ordered with proportional joysticks and paddles too.  Both the Brick and the Pail utilise a contactless induction charger to recharge the internal batteries.

REMdevice Genesis

The REMdevice Genesis Series of remote controls is the ultimate customisable platform. Why conform to what other companies can offer when you can order a system that is custom built to suit your specific application and needs. Select from joysticks, paddles, potentiometers, toggle switches, LCD displays, stepped or proportional controls, internal or external rechargeable batteries, we can build it the way you want it. Call us today to discuss options.




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