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Wire Rope Hoists

Lighten your loads with GÜRALP

GÜRALP Wire Rope Hoists are powerful, reliable and robust while being feature packed and low maintenance, but what really impresses our customers is how affordable they are. Both underslung and top running hoists have all the modern safety features you would expect, a 10 year spare parts availability guarantee, and all Schneider Electrics controls. They are available with variable speed drives or contactor controlled, and come standard with overload protection by means of the GÜRALP Logo, see below for more details.


Safety with the Logo

Overload Protection & Monitoring

Every GÜRALP Wire Rope Hoist is fitted with a Logo programmable logic controller, for overload protection and load monitoring. The Logo operates in two ways:

  1. The Logo protects the hoist by restricting the operator from carrying out detrimental operations, for example:

  • The Logo prevents the hoist from accelerating directly to fast speed and from stopping directly from fast speed, instead the hoist accelerates and decelerates momentarily through the slow speed first. This reduces load and wear on the structure, gears and control equipment, it also increases the life of the brake as it is applied in slow speed only, at ~500rpm rather than ~3000rpm.

  • The Logo prevents the operator inching the hoist more than the working class allows. This minimizes possible damage to the hoist motor caused by multiple rapid starts-stops, which can cause the motor to overheat and burn out. It also greatly lengthens the life of electrical control equipment, reducing contactor failure and increasing hoist reliability.

   2. The Logo also operates as a Datalogger and keeps information regarding many actions performed by the hoist, such as:

  • Average weight lifted,

  • Total operation time,

  • Number of operations,

  • Number of inching instances,

  • Last motor overheating date, Last PTC error date,

  • Number of times hoist has been overloaded,

  • Maintenance period of the hoist

  • plus many more

Details from the GÜRALP Logo are downloaded during the maintenance of the crane and supplied in a report so that crane usage, safety and maintenance can be optimized.


Single Girder Underslung

Double Girder Top Running




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